Putting People First

Putting People First

When long term nursing care is the only option, Lexington provides all that is necessary for comfort, safety, and community.

Our employees understand the importance of being cheerful and listening respectfully. To make sure that all questions are addressed and that communication is effective, we schedule regular Resident Council and Family Council meetings.

We know that Quality Nursing depends on the quality of the people who provide the care. Our team is exceptional—some of our employees have been with us more than twenty years!

The Director of Nursing, assisted by our Quality Assurance Manager, oversees the personalized “care plan”. The Social Services staff monitors a patient’s emotional and mental well-being, coordinates services, and helps resolve questions and answer discharge questions.

Making Meals an Occasion

Nutritious BerriesWe offer traditional American cuisine with diabetic, low-fat, and low-cholesterol options, presented with restaurant-style service.

Lunch and dinner feature a soup du jour and salad bar. Snacks are available all day long. Our culinary staff takes pride in well-balanced, tasty menus. Special dietary requirements are taken into consideration and resident suggestions are welcome!